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passamanerie crocianelli esposizione internazionale Passamanerie Crocianelli is the most antique haberdashery and trimming store in Rome. The family-owned business began in 1870 with Ernesto Crocianelli and was passed on to his wife Giulia, daughters Natalina and Fernanda, grandson Giovanni, great granddaughter Francesca and great-great granddaughter Giulia.

Since it was founded Passamanerie Crocianelli has been situated in a fifteenth century building in the heart of the historic district of Rome. Period furniture, antique handlooms and a myriad of colour trimmings set the scene as you enter the store, an atmosphere which has been proudly preserved by the family throughout time. The authenticity of Crocianelli’s Italian artisan tradition is further identifiable from the old wooden machinery kept in the store as a remnant of its historic laboratory, which was onsite until just a few years ago.

ernesto crocianelli At Crocianelli’s one can find endless refined items for home decoration and finishings: ready and custom-made borders, curtain tie backs, needlepoints, trimmings, fringes, cords, tassels and rosettes, in shapes and colours that are hardly available from industrial wholesale retailers.

The store has supplied the Curiae, the Quirinale, Italian aristocratic families and foreign embassies, as well as opera houses, theatres, film directors, costume and stage designers in addition to numerous fashion houses.

For the above reasons Crocianelli is mentioned in many important tourist guides, from Japan to the United States, Brasil and Australia, to mention but a few, as an attraction not to be missed during one’s stay in the Eternal City.


Passamanerie Crocianelli offers a wide range of Italian artisan products, including trimmings, fringes, tassels, cords, nail covers, rosettes and curtain tie backs, each in many colours, materials and sizes. Bespoke products can also be created on request.

Tassels adorn furniture, drawers, chairs, doors and cushions. Ladies also enjoy combining them with their handbags, belts and scarves. Tassels are available in many sizes and colours, in cotton and silk.

Borders, cords, braids and fringes are used to elegantly complement home interiors, household linen, costumes, theatre stages, film sets, fashion items and jewellery. Crocianelli has a variety of models, materials and colours, both readily available and bespoken to suit everyone’s needs.

Tie backs are loops or braids used to hold curtains back to one side. Chic necklaces and original belts are also often created with tie backs.

Any space can become classic or modern, colourful or simple, fashionable, elegant, essential or luxurious: the possibilities for customising and reviving your home and furniture are endless. Think of items such as sofas, armchairs, curtains, lamp shades, household linen, chairs and cushions: Crocianelli can assist you with adding your personal touch to all of these.

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Passamanerie Crocianelli
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00186 Rome - Italy
P. Iva: 10333280583

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